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Phil Cannella and a Do No Harm Mentality

Phil Cannella would love to implement his Crash Proof Retirement system for everyone he visits with. However, for some the Crash Proof Retirement simply doesn’t make sense. Phil Cannella has turned down consumers who were eager to do business with him, because he knew it would not be beneficial to their retirement. Some consumers do not have enough money to succeed with Crash Proof Retirement or are too old to partake in the asset based long term care they recommend. While they may not take Read More +

Phil Cannella and the Annual Review

With Crash Proof Retirement the consumer protection doesn’t end when a contract is signed. Phil Cannella and his staff will meet with each client yearly to answer any questions, and make any adjustments to the client’s contracts so they make the most money they can. Many advisers never see their clients after their initial meeting, others charge for future consultation. Phil Cannella never charges a fee for meeting with him and his team. He cares about his clients making money, because he was raised on Read More +

Phil Cannella and the Importance of Face to Face Interaction

In recent months Phil Cannella has implemented a policy to ensure optimum consumer satisfaction. From now on, Phil Cannella will meet with every client that comes through his Crash Proof Retirement system. This new policy will guarantee that each consumer will get the education they need to make their own decision, as to whether or not Crash Proof Retirement is right for them. As founder of the system, who better to explain it than Phil Cannella himself. Phil Cannella answer any questions clients have, and Read More +

Phil Cannella Visits the WISER Institute

Phil Cannella brought his newly found Retirement Media Inc. to the Women’s Institute for a Secure Retirement’s symposium on retirement issues. At the symposium, Phil Cannella interviewed multiple experts in the industry. From supervisors at AARP and Ameriprise, to big wigs in Washington D.C. where the symposium was held, Phil Cannella got some great insight into how the retirement system works in America. One of the best interviewees was with Dallas Salisbury of the Employee Benefit Research Institute. Salisbury has been a staple in Washington Read More +

Phil Cannella on Deregulation

Phil Cannella has been in the financial industry for over 38 years and has seen issues with the deregulation in the insurance industry. Phil Cannella often references an interview on CNBC with Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts in which she details the history of deregulation in the country. She discusses how after The Great Depression, The Government implemented programs and regulations like the FDIC, the Glass Stegall Act, and the SEC to stabilize banks and Wall St, and how under President Reagan, deregulation was cut Read More +

Phil Cannella Does Not Charge a Fee

In utilizing the Crash Proof Retirement System, Phil Cannella does not charge a client for his services. By using insurance vehicles that track the market, Phil Cannella gets paid by the insurance company as a marketing cost, so consumers never have to pay Phil Cannella out of their accounts. If a consumer pays one percent in fees on their account for 35 years, they will lose 28% of their account. With mutual funds and variable annuities, fees are common, costly, and often undisclosed. Phil Cannella Read More +

Phil Cannella Speaking to the Everday Investor

Phil Cannella is a blue collar guy. He was held back in the second grade, and came from modest beginnings in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Those beginnings have shaped his approach towards business today. Phil Cannella understands that not everyone has a financial license or expertise. Therefore he uses truth and logic to convey his message. He explains his Crash Proof investment accounts in plain language, uses graphs that are easy to understand, and displays plain examples of the Crash Proof System working for others, to Read More +

Phil Cannella Finds Unique Way to Give Back

In 2012, after Super Storm Sandy hit the New Jersey coast, Phil Cannella felt obligated to help out. During one of his Crash Proof Retirement Educational Events at Adelphia Restaurant in Deptford, New Jersey, Phil Cannella announced that for every attendee, he would donate $25 to the Red Cross Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund. The event was a smashing success as Phil Cannella raised $12,500 for the cause. The event received television coverage as 6 ABC in Philadelphia ran a news story on the event. For Read More +

Phil Cannella and the Consumer Design Approach

Phil Cannella founder of Crash Proof Retirement, has established a consumer design policy to ensure his clients goals are met. His employees are on salary, so the type of investment account they pick don’t effect the amount of money they make. In fact, Phil Cannella has made it so his employees receive incentives for reaching their client’s goals. In addition to a salaried design team, Phil Cannella has educators, who find out the clients goals, but do not pick the investment vehicles themselves. In this Read More +

Phil Cannella Media Professional

After 38 years of running First Senior Financial Group, Phil Cannella stepped down as CEO and founded Retirement Media Inc, the goal, bring truth to the American retiree. Phil Cannella made a major investment in high tech media equipment and advertising, so he can inform Americans about how to protect themselves from unscrupulous advisers, and Wall Street downturns. Phil Cannella created a radio show on the number one talk radio station in Philadelphia 1210 WPHT to distribute his message. He bought three network quality cameras Read More +